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Making your life easier can also be good for the planet.

Since 1997, The Costume Closet has been working to make finding and sharing dance team costumes a lot easier.  Turns out, that also helps reduce a lot of textile waste.

The Three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Using our consignment model for dance teams leans into the Three R’s.  Your team can reduce textile waste by reusing beautiful, high-quality costumes from other teams (through renting or purchasing).

Have a team set of costumes in great condition? You might be able to recycle your own team’s costumes with us and make a little cash. too!  Learn more…

The Costume Closet recycles, too.

We send end-of-service costumes to textile recyclers. We’ve been recycling since the beginning, and it continues to be a priority.

Thank you for shopping The Costume Closet! Together we can make the world a little greener!

Dancer in gauzy, flowing costume balance on one foot and reaching up

The Best Online Consignment Service for Dance Team Costumes since 1997

Rental orders require a $200 minimum purchase

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